So, I hear you Photograph Births?? REALLY?

Yes and I LOVE it!! Ask your mother what it was like the day she gave birth to you. Ask her what your dad's face looked like when he first saw you. Ask her what all the doctors and nurses were doing while she was getting stiched up! Chances are - she doesn't remember or she never even knew! By hiring a Birth photographer, it's promise that you'll remember this day FOREVER.

Your Labor and Delivery Package includes Heather being "On Call" during the time you're due to deliver. Day or night, her time and talent, a web-based slideshow of images from your labor and delivery, and a DVD of the slideshow for you to keep, A CD of the full resolution images from your birth (as shown in your gallery and slideshow). And TWENTY-FIVE 4x6 images of your choice.

There is a $100 deposit due at the face to face consultation when your Contract is signed. It is applied towards your balance, so $400 is due 4 weeks before your due date. Heather will arrive at your birth once you are fairly certain you are in labor, and she will stay for about an hour or so after the birth of your baby. Additional products will be available for purchase, such as other prints and bound books with images from your birth. Please contact Heather for details.

Why hire a professional birth photographer?

The photos from your labor and delivery will serve as a beautiful reminder of one of the most important days of your life. Allowing The Birth Photographer to handle this very important task will not only free up Dad or your other support person to be more available to you during your labor and delivery, but it will also ensure that his or her participation is captured. Also during the fog of labor and delivery moms aften forget what occurred during this time and misses the first bath, and the doctor weighting the baby, etc. This way, mom will have those moments captured and she'll be able to see them as if she were there! It's definitely a day worthy of documenting. You will not be sorry with your investment. It's honestly one of the best investments you can make for yourself and that new little bundle of joy!

About The Birth Photographer

I married my wonderful husband in 2002 and started our family 5 years later. We have a 3.5 year old son that we feel very blessed to have! My start in photography began in middle school when I got my first camera. My first images were taken of snow on the side of a hill while riding in the backseat of the car on the interstate! I took a couple classes in high school and loved it even more! After the birth of my son, I really wanted to learn to get the best pictures I could of him. So I bought a good camera and started reading, researching and practicing! I started my photography business in August 2007 and have just continued to grow and learn and my passion just keeps getting stronger! I have just in the last 12 months slowly introduced myself to the hospital/ birth photography world and I'm in love with the results! Birth photography truly tugs at my heart!

The Consultation

When you contact me we will set up a consultation to discuss what you should expect, what you would like to have photographed, and any other questions you may have. You will also sign a contract as well. At the consultation, a $100 deposit is required to secure your tentative session. This deposit is non-refundable.

About birth photography

Birth is very unpredictable, and the lighting is never ideal. These are not portraits. Heather Photographs with only a prime lens using NO FLASH. She is purely a natural light/ available light photographer so those images may be grainy and will not be of "portrait quality". Heather photographs births in a Lifestyle (photojournalistic) way, giving you pictures that are PURE, RAW and REAL. She prefers to use black and white images for your gallery and slideshow. The black and white images better reflect the mood of the event, and they help to tone down the graphic nature of birth.

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